Hair loss

When we find some hair tangled in the comb can not help but worry. Is it a bad fall?, Do we have to start taking extra steps?

Dermatologists normalize a loss of 50-100 hairs a day, because this structure of our skin is constantly changing, and when a hair falls, a new and growing. Ie, it is regenerated. The slight loss of hair should not therefore be cause for alarm. But sometimes this fall is more abundant. Then it’s time to start taking action.

hair_ loss

Why did you fall?

The causes are multiple: genetic inheritance and hormonal disorders are the most common. Sometimes it is a single event: ingestion of certain medications, poor eating habits, states of stress and anxiety, periods of convalescence, pregnancy and postpartum, and so on. In any case, alopecia (abnormal hair loss) is a symptom of a dysfunction or a deficit in our bodies whose origin must try to find out by going to the doctor.

Drugs that may cause it to fall

Some drugs have, as a side effect hair loss: those derived from vitamin A, some anticoagulants, antidepressants, antifungals, anticonvulsants and anti-inflammatory. Also as amphetamines, certain beta blockers, drugs that are in its composition based on hormones, and some that treat cholesterol, thyroid, glaucoma, ulcers and Parkinson’s. It is therefore advisable to ask the doctor about possible side effects of medications that we prescribe and, if appropriate, seek other alternatives.

Remedies for strong hair

One of the few effective remedies to combat this problem is minoxidil, A substance originally used to combat high blood pressure and is administered topically. Propecia, which is taken orally, is another effective drug, whose active ingredient is the finasteride. Both are synergistic. That is, are enhanced when administered concurrently. The lifeline shampoos are only an adjunct to treatment, and by themselves are not effective.

Read the labels

Agencies that oversee the health advised to read carefully the composition of shampoos traffickers because they may contain formaldehyde, Whose continued use has proven to be carcinogenic in animal experiments, although people are not able to determine a cause and effect.

Selenium sulfide is another component whose use requires caution. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of USA) considers potentially carcinogenic. But since that is not absorbed through the skin, its use in shampoos are still considered safe. The American Hair Loss Association recommends topical treatments, as some orally administered lower levels of male hormones (also women). The doctor will prescribe, to compensate, vitamins and minerals.

Home Remedies

Its effectiveness is not guaranteed, but its safety. Here are some:

¤ Watercress juice: 100 g crushed and applied directly. Let dry and wash. Do twice a week.
¤ Basil: Boil a handful of leaves in a glass of water, strain the liquid and store in a glass jar in the refrigerator (no more than three days). Apply every night.
¤ The massage are in addition to any hair treatment. Perform them gently with fingertips for a few minutes. However, there are voices who question its beneficial effect.

Foods that provide health

All those rich in protein, zinc, iron, and vitamins B6, C and E: meat, shellfish, seaweed, eggs, fish (especially tuna), beans, whole grains, broccoli, asparagus, green leafy vegetables, almonds, fruits nuts, oranges and kiwis, among others.

Experts recommend making 5-6 meals a day, so that the maximum time without food does not exceed three hours, to avoid peaks of glucose, it is recommended to avoid prepared foods and refined foods and incorporate soluble dietary fiber to promote intestinal absorption.


¤ Wash often but not over: the general rule is three times a week.
¤ The oily hair needs frequent washing because the sebum contains high levels of male hormones that can be reabsorbed into the skin and affect the hair follicle.
¤ Use a shampoo with a pH 5.5 that has no conditioner (use it separately) and never comb wet hair. The famous 100 strokes of brush cause his downfall.

End of baldness

The research provide for current gene therapy and cloning of hair follicles, still experimental. It is likely that baldness disappear the day you can extract healthy hair follicles, grow them in laboratory and graft in a hair more than the amount extracted. That is, make a mixture of hair transplants, cloning and multiplication of grafts.