Apple cider vinegar: Uh … good yes! We grant you, smell perspective, it’s not really the top. However, you will not find a better product for your hair to shine brightly. Rinse your hair with vinegar and you’ll never be disappointed. It is worth mentioning that this is not a vinegar water and vinegar in a pure state. Also note that you should not do it consistently for each wash. Two to three rinses per month are more than enough to make you happy. If you do this consistently, you could dry your hair.


The egg: One hastens to mention that this is indeed the yolk. It’s quite amusing to find on many forums of people who write messages such as “I was recommended an egg mask. I beat them and put on the head. Then when I rinsed it all in HOT WATER, I had lots of lumps in her hair . “Yeah, when you decide to get an omelet in hair and in addition to the cook, do not really surprising results.

The nutrients of the egg are mainly concentrated in the yolk. So he must be employed. The egg white is albumin and the omelette on the head especially when the brilliant idea to rinse with warm water. Note that you rinse your hair with warm or cold water and this even if you do not use egg. The cold or warm water pores and you lose less hair. On the contrary, hot water opens the .

Other products we recommend, there are honey (to be used with caution), lemon (high in vitamin C), banana, avocado, milk, cream and olive oil to name a few.